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How Does Medicaid in Orlando Work with Braces?

How Does Medicaid in Orlando Work with Braces?
1 August Comments

At Smiley Face Braces we get lots of questions. One of them is “Do you take Medicaid?” We sure do! We want everyone in Orlando to get an amazing smile!

Two other questions we often hear are “Does Medicaid pay for braces?” and “How does Medicaid work when it comes to braces?” We are glad you asked! Let me do my best to explain. 

Medicaid is a system run and funded by the state of Florida (we can only take FLORIDA Medicaid at Smiley Face) that provides scholarships for braces to people who qualify. To qualify you must be 18 or younger and registered/active with Medicaid. If you are then when you come to the office for your first visit we will take an X-ray and Dr Burris will evaluate your teeth using a scoring sheet the state of Florida provides. If you score enough on the sheet then we will make records and send them in for the state to evaluate and they will tell us if you qualify or not. This process takes several weeks to a couple months. If you qualify the state will pay for your braces. If you don’t qualify you still can take advantage of our awesome pricing and financing to get the smile of your dreams! 

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