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Is the Cost of Braces Worth the Expense? (Spoiler Alert: Yes!)

Is the Cost of Braces Worth the Expense? (Spoiler Alert: Yes!)
22 December Comments

There is a misconception about the cost of braces that is keeping people from taking the steps they need to get straight teeth. Despite what people think, orthodontic treatment can be affordable.

Many patients are hesitant to seek orthodontic care because they just assume that it will not fit into their budget. They are doing themselves an injustice by not learning about the cost of braces and how affordable they can be.

Are They Worth the Cost?

About 75% of orthodontic patients are under the age of 18. Most parents are willing to absorb the cost of braces to help their child enjoy all the benefits of healthy, straight teeth but they fall short when it comes to repairing their own teeth.

Adult braces can be just as affordable as braces for kids and teens. Most dental insurance plans will cover up to 50% of the costs associated with braces and you can typically pay the other 50% over time in installments.

No matter how you pay for braces, their benefits make paying the price worthwhile. Here are the benefits of wearing braces for both adults and children:

  • Nothing can beat the confidence that a straight smile has to offer. Both children and adults can benefit greatly from feeling good about their smiles.
  • It is easier to keep teeth healthy when they are properly positioned. Overcrowded teeth or misaligned teeth can be very difficult to keep clean. Properly positioned teeth are easier to keep healthy.
  • Misaligned teeth can cause other symptoms. Misaligned teeth can put undue pressure on the jaw that can result in facial pain, neck pain, and headaches. Braces can correct the problem.

If you need braces, all of these benefits certainly make them worth the cost. Affordable braces can improve your smile and improve your oral health. No one should have to feel bad about their smile, live in pain, or worry about their oral health.

Learn More About the Cost of Braces

Before you decide that you cannot afford braces, learn more about the cost of braces and getting the help you need. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to have a smile that you can feel proud of. Braces can be affordable if you connect with an orthodontist who offers payment options.

Make an appointment today to learn more about the cost of braces and how they can be made affordable for you and every member of your family.

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