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3 Reasons Not to Pass up the Best Gold Braces in Orlando, Florida

3 Reasons Not to Pass up the Best Gold Braces in Orlando, Florida
18 April Comments

Orthodontic care can be an incredibly personal experience, but it can also be a shared one with friends and family. Getting braces at the same time as a friend or sibling may make the process more exciting and relatable to you. But the benefits of Smiley Face’s best gold braces go beyond that. Here are three reasons why residents of Orlando, Florida should go with Smiley Face.

No Fees Until You Accept the Treatment

At Smiley Face, there is no charge for any of the services meant to help you make a decision on whether orthodontic treatment is right for you or your child. Your first appointment or two may include an oral assessment and x-rays, but until you decide on whether you’d like to proceed, you will not be charged. This is to ensure you that we care about your teeth, health, and confidence first and foremost. Smiley Face will help you make a decision that is right for you and your budget.

You Are Recognized as an Individual

There are four million people in the United States wearing braces, and whether you’re in the 75% under 18, or the 25% of adults, according to, seeking treatment to straighten your teeth can be vulnerable. Smiley Face hopes to make you confident about your smile through options that help you express yourself, such as the best gold braces on the market. Multiple color options are available, but gold carries the benefits of being bacteria- and plaque-resistant as well as non-toxic.

Unmatched Affordability

In the United States the average metal braces cost as much as $6500, with gold braces fetching up to $7000. Smiley Face’s treatments sit at a comfortable $2998 with monthly financing options. By offering monthly payments of $123, you will be in better shape to budget the next 22 months of your life during treatment. You’ll also be far better off financially than you would be had you visited the competition. Smiley Face has some of the best prices in all of Orlando, Florida.

Smiley Face is appropriately named. There is so much to smile about when you take advantage of our services. Call today to book an appointment. You won’t be the only one smiling, your bank account will be too!

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