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3 Reasons People Get Braces As Teens

3 Reasons People Get Braces As Teens
28 September Comments

For a lot of teens, getting braces is their worst nightmare. This is why a lot of children begin their orthodontic treatment somewhat earlier, so that they don’t have to deal with the realities of braces during high school.

It’s understandable that teens worry about being teased while they wear braces — even though braces are actually much more common than they may initially seem. It’s believed that about 4 million Americans are wearing braces today, according to the American Association of Orthodontists. So while braces may seem somewhat extreme, they’re actually quite normal.

Furthermore, there are some advantages to choosing braces for teens, rather than having them placed when patients are younger or later on when they become adults. While younger children have a theoretically more pliant bite, teens still have growing teeth. Furthermore, when braces are given to teens, the true issues that orthodontists are dealing with are clear. Some young children have orthodontic problems that will naturally resolve themselves if left alone. But if it’s clear that the issues are still problematic in their teenage years, they’ll be there to stay.

Another advantage of choosing braces for teens is that teenagers are more equipped to practice proper orthodontic care. Younger children might have a harder time remembering what foods to avoid and how to clean their braces. Still, despite these points, teens may dismiss braces as being purely cosmetic. If they’re happy with not having straight teeth, they might not understand why braces are important at all. But braces go beyond the cosmetic. With that being said, let’s look into some of the main reasons why braces for teens are a good idea.

1. Overbite Or Underbite Correction

One of the main reasons why teens wear braces is to correct an overbite (or occasionally, an underbite). An overbite might not seem like a major problem now, but it can become more aesthetically problematic as a person grows up. Furthermore, it can cause physical health issues. A severe overbite can cause problems with chewing and even breathing. Overbites can also be associated with soreness around the teeth, as well as jaw pain. Braces for teens not only straighten the teeth but help correct an overbite and ensure that the recipient has fewer issues with chewing and fewer issues with their bite, in general.

2. Missing Adult Teeth

You may not know that there are lots of people that don’t have as many adult teeth as they should. Sometimes, this isn’t that much of an issue. Without adult teeth pushing them out as they descend, the “baby” teeth will theoretically stay in place. But they will likely be smaller than the mature teeth surrounding them, which could cause them to look strange and out of place. Furthermore, they may not function as well during the chewing process as adult teeth do. There may also be problems with the long-term prospects for those baby teeth, as they could very well break down over time. Baby teeth are not meant to function with the mouth as long as a set of adult teeth would. Fortunately, braces make it possible for the teeth to be moved around and for those missing adult teeth to be replaced by dental implants.

3. Confidence

Your teen may not feel like the cosmetic quality of their teeth matter now. But in the long term, they’ll probably feel a lot more confident as an adult with straight teeth. In fact, the quality of your smile can affect the kind of impression you make upon people when you interview for a job or when you try to make new friends. Getting your smile straightened as a teenager means that you also don’t have to deal with the awkwardness of wearing braces as an adult. Ultimately, a lot of people simply feel more polished with a straighter smile, though of course, opinions do vary.

Teens can and should have opinions about whether or not they’ll get braces. But it’s ultimately your decision to make as a parent. By pointing out all of the reasons why braces are important, you can begin to make headway in convincing your teen to wear them.

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