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3 Ways to Help Ease Dental Anxiety

3 Ways to Help Ease Dental Anxiety
22 February Comments

If you or your child is scheduled to get braces, and there is some dental anxiety going on, there are three things that you can do that will shift the feelings of anxiety. There are about 3.5 million teenagers and kids in America that will get braces this year, and many of them feel apprehensive. Following these three tips can make the process easier.

Talk About It Often

The more you talk about the process and learn about braces, the better you will feel. This is true regardless of the age of the patient. Dental anxiety is heightened by the “unknown.” Not knowing what to expect kicks up the anxiety, knowing what to expect will quell nervous feelings.

Watch videos and talk to people that have braces to better understand how the process works. If your child is feeling anxious about getting braces, talk about your own experiences or ask a family member or friend to share their experience. Having as much information as possible about what to expect is essential to calming feelings of anxiety.

Plan Ahead

Overcoming dental anxiety as an adult or as a child requires planning. It is well known that people that suffer from any type of anxiety manage their anxiety better when there is a plan in place. Before the appointment with the orthodontist, plan the day out. For example, what will be done before the appointment, and what are the plans for after the appointment? Scheduling the entire day from start to finish can help to ease feelings of anxiety.

Keep A Focus On the Outcome

Another way to ease dental anxiety is to stay focused on the outcome and remember that braces are temporary. Talking about the goal of a beautiful straight smile and how braces are the steppingstone to that great smile can be a great distraction and calm fears. Focusing on the goal of a healthy straight smile instead of the process can keep anxiety in check.

If you or your child are struggling with dental anxiety, talk to your orthodontist about it. Your orthodontist may have some solutions for you to help yourself or your child overcome dental care fears. There is nothing that can replace feeling confident about your smile. Make an appointment today with a trusted orthodontist like Smiley Face Braces to learn how dental anxiety can be managed.

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