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4 Signs Your Teen Needs Braces

4 Signs Your Teen Needs Braces
13 February Comments


Kids between the ages of thirteen and eighteen have a hard time expressing how they feel, especially in regards to their insecurities. A crooked smile, for instance, can definitely cause a great deal of insecurity while growing up.

If you’re a parent, and notice any of these key signs, consider looking into orthodontic care — specifically braces — for your teen to help correct any problems.

They Never Smile When Taking Photos

Is your teen always tight-lipped? Do they refuse to smile in photos no matter the occasion? It’s worth asking them about their smiles and whether they feel they need braces. Once they’ve worn them for the allotted amount of time, their attitude towards photos can change for the better.

You Notice Visible Dental Issues

These next few dental issues are some of the top reasons people get braces.

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crowding

If you’ve noticed your teen has one of these imperfections, you should consider orthodontic care.

Your Teen Struggles With Looking People in The Eye

Avoiding eye-contact is a key sign of low self-esteem. While this can be due to a wide variety of factors, talk to them and figure out the root of the problem. Find a solution together, and your teen will appreciate you all the more for your efforts and support.

Your Teen is in Pain

Braces do more than just fix cosmetic issues. Getting proper orthodontic care can rid your teen of some of the most painful oral ordeals. Misaligned teeth can escalate and cause more problems with time. Something as simple as brushing can feel painful if it’s not addressed early.

Additionally, misaligned teeth can also lead to jaw pain — so getting braces can do more than just boost your teen’s self-esteem. They can prevent years of unnecessary pain into adulthood. Crooked teeth can also lead to problems chewing and speaking, so keep an eye out for these signs as well.

Finding the Best Orthodontic Care For Your Teen

If you’ve noticed any of these signs with your teen, make sure to bring them in to discuss orthodontic treatment with the best orthodontist in your area. They can create the best course of action to eliminate pain and boost your teen’s self-esteem with a straighter and more vibrant smile.

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