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6 Tips For Maintaining Your Braces

6 Tips For Maintaining Your Braces
8 November Comments

Braces can do more than just straighten your teeth. In fact, one of the most common reasons people receive braces is to improve an abnormal bite. It’s typical for abnormal bites to become noticeable when the patient is between the ages of six and 12. Because of this, most orthodontic treatment begins at around ages eight to 14. While braces are great for rectifying an abnormal bite, proper care needs to be taken to maintain good oral health while the braces are in place.

Six Tips For Maintaining Your Braces

  1. Be Consistent With Brushing and Flossing
    While you might roll your eyes when you’re reminded every time you go to the orthodontist, brushing and flossing are extremely important when it comes to maintaining your braces and overall health. Food can easily become stuck between your teeth and braces, leading to potential cavities or staining. Always brush for at least two minutes twice a day, and floss with a threader to help remove anything left under your wires or in between your teeth.
  2. Schedule Check Ups
    While you’re sure to be visiting your orthodontist regularly, be sure to visit your primary dentist for cleanings and check-ups as well. Your dentist can help ensure your teeth stay as healthy as possible throughout the entire process.
  3. Cut Up Your Food
    Biting into large chunks of food is one of the best ways to get bits stuck in your braces. If possible, use a knife and fork to cut up foods into more manageable pieces to ensure you won’t be walking around with any leftovers stuck to your wires.
  4. Eat the Right Sweets
    Hard candies can damage braces, and while most orthodontists with advise against eating too many sweets, if you do get a craving, grab some chocolate. Chocolate is soft and dissolves faster than harder candies. It can also be broken into bite-sized pieces to make eating easier!
  5. Curb Your Bad Habits
    If you’re prone to chewing your nails or pens, make a note to be more mindful of these habits, as they are some of the most common reasons for damaged braces. If you can, find something else to focus on, or try using a stress ball to curb any chewing habits.
  6. Listen to the Experts
    While the headgear, expanders, and elastics that can come with your braces can be uncomfortable at times, the reward is well worth it. Listen to your orthodontist and remember that your treatment plan is only temporary. Ask for advice if you’re ever unsure of how to take care of something, and remember they have your best interests in mind. Remember, the less care you take and the more damage that occurs, the longer you’ll have to wear your braces!

Braces can be exceptionally helpful when it comes to obtaining straight teeth and fixing an abnormal bite. While they can seem tedious and uncomfortable, there really isn’t anything to fear. With the proper care, you’ll have them off before you know it! Keep the above tips in mind and you should have no trouble maintaining your teeth and achieving a more perfect smile.

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