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Braces for Teens: Traditional Metal Braces Are the Right Option

Braces for Teens: Traditional Metal Braces Are the Right Option
18 August Comments

There are 4 million people in America wearing braces with 75% of them being younger than 18. Braces for teens are a rite of passage for teens that want to fix crooked teeth and gain a beautiful smile. It can be overwhelming trying to decide which type of braces is ideal with so many options available today.

Your teen may scoff when they are told the best option is traditional metal braces. However, there are many advantages in regards to choosing traditional affordable braces. Metal braces have created gorgeous smiles for decades and continue to do just that.

Metal Braces Are Ideal for Complex Cases

Metal braces for teens cover cases ranging from simple to complex. Traditional braces work more efficiently to fix crowded teeth, misaligned bites, and many other oral problems. This is due to the exertion of pressure applied equally on the whole tooth. The tooth is shifted into the correct position with pressure from the top to the bottom. It is a far more effective way to straighten teeth.

Traditional Braces for Teens Cannot Be Lost

Many parents and orthodontists have heard stories of how retainers have been lost. This does not happen with fixed metal braces. There are no aligners to remove that can easily be lost at school, during sporting events, or when teens are away from home. Traditional braces also do not require additional cleaning steps to protect teeth. Regular brushing and flossing are all that is required.

Unlike aligners, metal braces for teens are bonded to teeth so they are worn the sufficient amount of time needed. Can you be sure your teen would wear aligners as recommended and not end up extending their treatment time and expenses? Traditional braces are easier to take care of, can’t be misplaced, and provide straight teeth precisely when expected.

Metal Braces Do More in Less Time

Most teens don’t want to wear braces for a long time. They want their teeth straightened the quickest way possible. Metal braces align teeth and close gaps quickly. The shifting of teeth into the proper position is smoother using brackets and archwires. Traditional braces are a popular choice for braces for teens since they offer a shorter treatment time.

After your teen has their braces removed, they will need to wear retainers at night to keep their smile perfectly aligned. Since they won’t have to wear their retainer during the day, it makes them harder to misplace. Teens get the ability to show off an attractive smile by day and keep their teeth in the ideal position at night.

There Are a Variety of Options for Metal Braces

Teens care about how they look. That is why they may not like metal braces. However, metal braces provide style options that can be fun and attractive. Your teen can fully customize the look of their braces with different band colors. Changing band colors is a fun way to switch up style while still effectively improving their oral health.

Metal Braces Are More Advanced Than Expected

Today, metal braces are less obvious and invasive. They are not the same braces worn decades ago that were clunky and chunky and earned the negative term “metal mouth”. Metal braces are lighter, less obtrusive, and still the best option for effectively straightening teeth. The construction is better with fewer problems of wires popping off or brackets breaking. Technology has caught up with metal braces making them a leading choice for braces for teens.

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