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Do Your Children Need Braces?

Do Your Children Need Braces?
16 November Comments

When your kids need straight teeth, it’s time to go to the orthodontist for care. Braces for kids vary in cost and length of time they have to be worn based on the condition of your children’s teeth when they go in for treatment.

Ask your children’s orthodontist about the cost of braces in your area and use this guide to help you know whether you should consider braces for kids for your family or not.

You or Your Significant Other Had Braces

The shape of your children’s teeth is hereditary, so if you had braces when you were little or their other parent did, odds are, braces for kids is in your family’s future. Your children can benefit from orthodontic care including braces, retainers, and other dental intervention techniques.

Your Children Have Crooked Teeth or a Crooked Bite

If your children have any crooked teeth, then braces for kids may be in their future. Most kids show signs of having crooked teeth or an abnormal bite early on, between the ages of six and 12. Shortly after the discovery of these issues, children should get braces or other types of dental intervention.

Your Children Have Crowded Teeth

It’s actually a benefit to your child to have spaces in their teeth when they’re younger, as this can lead to them having more space for their adult teeth later. If your children have crowded teeth, then they are likely to need braces for kids later. Have them referred to an orthodontist for an exam to see if braces can be beneficial to your children.

Your Children Have Issues with Their Dental Care

A big reason why kids get braces is that they have a hard time taking care of their teeth in the current position they’re in. If your kids have a hard time keeping their smile healthy because they have to get between the crevices of their teeth or they have teeth growing in strangely, then speak to an orthodontist to see if braces can improve their overall dental health.

You can learn how much orthodontic treatment will cost by speaking to your children’s orthodontist. The care your children receive will vary depending on how severe their dental needs are. Speak to your kids’ orthodontist to learn more about how their dental care can be improved with braces for kids.

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