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Everything to Know About Adult Braces

Everything to Know About Adult Braces
23 February Comments


According to the American Association of Orthodontists, one out of every three orthodontic patients is an adult! This fact may be surprising to many, but it’s true that adults may need orthodontic treatment to keep their teeth strong and healthy. Here’s all you need to know about adult braces, from prior to visiting an orthodontist in your area to the actual process.

The Fitting Process Remains Simple

When preparing for adult orthodontics, you start by getting a clinical exam, during which your orthodontist will answer any questions you may have about your treatment. They then take x-rays of your mouth and head to help come up with a better plan. After a dental impression or plaster mold of your teeth, they’ll work with you and their team to come up with a great treatment plan.

During the installation process, they’ll then clean and dry your teeth and apply an adhesive to each that makes adding brackets much easier. After adding the brackets, they’ll add and balance the wires. Depending on the procedure, you’ll probably be out between 1-2 hours. Most people experience little to no pain during this treatment, with any discomfort after going away with ease.

Maintenance Helps Keep Them Strong

The last thing you need to know about adult braces is the kind of maintenance necessary for keeping them strong. Typically, you brush your teeth as you normally do every day. Please pay close attention to your bracket location and avoid putting excess pressure on them as you brush. This will ensure that your teeth remain strong.

Follow any suggestions required by your orthodontist, including various mouthwashes that help break apart food and other items from your brackets and wires. Avoid eating hard foods during your treatment, such as nuts that may cause excessive pressure on your brackets and wires. Contact your orthodontist immediately if you feel any pain or if your brackets and wires get damaged.

By now, you should feel pretty comfortable with your orthodontic treatments and better understand what to expect when getting adult braces. If you have any more questions, you can always reach out to your orthodontic specialist to see what they have to say. The experts at Smiley Face Braces can help you better understand your treatment methods and make it easier to determine what kind of care you need.

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