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How to Ease Your Child’s Fear of Orthodontic Treatments

How to Ease Your Child’s Fear of Orthodontic Treatments
28 December Comments

Only a few Americans are lucky enough to be born with a perfect set of teeth. Orthodontics can help straighten your teeth, giving you your beautiful smile back. The American Association of Orthodontists estimates there are over 4.5 million people with braces. Of these, 75% are kids and teenagers looking forward to having straight teeth after two years.

Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Crooked teeth can snuff out the joy of having to smile in public. It can create a massive hit on self-confidence amidst a host of dental and health issues. Being able to straighten your teeth can solve most of these problems. The AAO suggests that parents should take their kids for their first orthodontic appointment by their seventh birthday. At this age, your child has enough permanent teeth for the orthodontists to check for any malocclusions.

Preparing Your Kids for Orthodontics

The thought of metallic wires running through their mouth might worry the average kid. The fears may make any child less-than-thrilled about their appointment with the orthodontist. It is essential for you as a parent to prep them about the treatment and ease their anxiety. Here are some common fears and how to dispel them.

1. Fear of Pain and Discomfort

Your child has most likely heard ‘horror’ stories about the process of having to straighten your teeth. The misinformation from other kids or their creative imagination about the process can make them hesitant about orthodontic treatment. Be upfront with your child about the discomfort that may occur in the initial phase or after braces tightening. Your orthodontist can help you stock up on orthodontic wax to rub on prickly wires and brackets hurting their cheeks.

2. Fear About the Orthodontic Process

Your child may have reservations about braces treatment due to a lack of information about the application process. You can dispel these fears by having a candid discussion with your child on why they need the braces. Research the various options available by looking at instructional videos online together. At Smiley Face Braces, the orthodontist can help explain the process to your child. Our experts can give a step-by-step guide on what your kid can expect to happen.

3. Fear of Embarrassment

The process to straighten your teeth usually requires wearing metal braces for approximately two years. Your child may be self-conscious about how their friends, school mates, and society will view them. They may have concerns about being bullied. You can discuss the expectations and outcomes of wearing the braces, getting your kid excited about the process. Emphasize the once-in-a-lifetime benefits and the beautiful smile that they will don later on.

4. Fear of Stuck Food Particles

It may seem like a trivial concern for most adults. However, children do worry about foods getting trapped in their teeth and how they may look in front of their friends. You can reassure them by working out an oral hygiene routine together. You can supervise them as they brush their teeth. You can also assist them to floss as it may be harder with brackets and wires.

Getting to straighten your teeth can bring exciting changes. Your child may be more receptive to the orthodontic visits if you can address most of their fears. Smiley Face Braces can help you prepare your kid for this vital treatment process.

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