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How to Help Your Teen Adjust to Their New Braces

How to Help Your Teen Adjust to Their New Braces
15 September Comments

Braces for teens are certainly not a new idea. The teen years have historically been when people get braces. There are about 3.9 million children that are orthodontic patients in the United States that either has braces or will be getting them in the near future.

Braces for teens can be hard for your teen to get accustomed to too, but you can do your part to help them transition into a teenager that wears braces.

Learn All that You Can

One of the best ways you can help your child adjust to wearing braces is to learn all that you can about braces. Learning all that you can about them, like the process, the treatment time, oral hygiene while wearing braces, and more will make you feel more confident about providing advice to your child.

Keep Certain Foods Out of the House

One of the biggest complaints children have about wearing braces is the diet restrictions they have to deal with. Making the adjustment period easier for your child means keeping certain foods out of the house for a while. Speak to your child’s orthodontist about diet restrictions.

Make Hygiene Easier

Braces for teens will require a different type of oral hygiene at home. Support the process, and encourage your teen to keep up with care.

Be a Good Listener

It is important that your child is given a sympathetic ear when they first have their braces. They will likely have some complaining to do. Just listen and reassure them.

Help Ease the Pain

Braces do not hurt in the traditional sense but they can be uncomfortable from time to time as the teeth shift into position. Offer over-the-counter pain relievers, show them how to massage their gums, and if the pain gets bad, call the orthodontist for a follow-up appointment.

Help Them Follow The Rules

Compliance with the orthodontists’ rules is essential to the success of braces for teens. Gentle reminders about rubber bands, good oral hygiene practices, and follow-up appointments are a great way to support your child.

Partnering with your orthodontist to improve your child’s teeth is another thing you can do to help your child. Ask questions, and get suggestions from the orthodontic office to learn more ways to make this adjustment period easier for your child.

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