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3 Tips to Help You Ease Your Metallic Braces Treatment

3 Tips to Help You Ease Your Metallic Braces Treatment
17 June Comments

The design and use of braces date back to nearly 300 years ago, while orthodontic treatment is trackable from as far as ancient Egypt. Thus, teeth alignment and correction is a practice that even our ancestors practiced.

Every child, young adult, or adult undergoing orthodontic treatment anticipates the day they will see the final results –- a striking smile and improved oral hygiene. But to get there, you need to give your metal braces the care they deserve. After all, they are an essential precursor to your soon-to-be perfect teeth and grin. This article will help you do just that.

Your Relationship With Your Orthodontic Device

Small things like food particles and plaque make it hard for braces to do their job perfectly. Additionally, lack of good oral and dental care results in cavities, bad breath, swollen gums, and stained teeth, among other problems. Nevertheless, the benefits of aligned teeth and correct bite overshadow the work of maintaining braces.

Living with braces is not a horror show. However, to get your reward, you need to put in a little effort. When your braces are finally removed, you will be glad you followed every helpful tip you could find. Now, let’s learn how to keep those braces clean to help that enamel stay strong.

1. What to Eat or Not to

What you put in your mouth greatly determines the functionality of your braces. The best orthodontists suggest that you stay away from:

  • Sugary treats: Even though sugar is sweet and tempting, you are better off without it. The sugar in sodas and candies will cause an increase in bacteria and deteriorate your oral health.
  • Nuts and seeds: Similar to other hard foods, nuts and seeds are a major cause of broken wires and brackets. If possible, avoid them altogether.
  • Hard foods: Chips, taco shells, and pretzels can easily break your brackets if you are not careful.
  • Sticky foods: From caramel to gums, and other such candy, the gooey nature of these snacks will break your brackets or displace the wire right away.
  • Ice: Chewing (not sucking) on ice might break your brackets.

2. Tips for Cleanliness

Clean braces are the best braces! One of the most profound ways to show some love to your orthodontic device is by keeping it clean. First off, brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss after every meal to prevent plaque and food buildup. It is also advisable to use mouthwash daily.

Next, try disclosing tablets to avoid plaque. Before getting the tablets, please ask your orthodontist if it is suitable for your treatment. Also, try your best to avoid chewing pencils, nails, clothing, etc. This behavior is common among children.

Lastly, use wax after cleaning your teeth. The best orthodontists usually provide you with wax. Keep in mind that you are a step closer to your dream smile, and with the help of the best orthodontists in Orlando, you will get there.

3. More Tips

Never forget to:

  • Attend all your scheduled appointments
  • Keep a braces kit with you for all essentials
  • Steer from whitening or bleaching products while undergoing treatment
  • Inform your orthodontist in case of any emergency
  • Keep your lips moisturized to avoid chapping
  • Maintain a healthy diet and oral hygiene

Best Orthodontics in Orlando, FL

When it comes to braces, the best orthodontists recommend that you always keep your eye on the prize. Contact our team at Smiley Face Braces today, and you will not only get affordable braces but also access to the best orthodontics in Orlando.

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