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Debunking Common Myths About Braces for Adults

Debunking Common Myths About Braces for Adults
16 July Comments

Are you an adult and considering braces? You might be surprised to find out that there’s a whole lot of misinformation floating around about what orthodontic treatment can do for your teeth. Let’s debunk these myths right now.

What are the myths, exactly? It turns out that many people have misconceptions about affordable braces in general and how they work and who they should be used on. We’ll discuss some common ones below:

1. MYTH: Braces Are Only for Kids

REALITY: It’s true that orthodontic treatment is more common in children than adults, but affordable braces are really used to treat the same dental problems in both groups of patients. For example, if you have misaligned teeth or crowded teeth caused by a genetic condition like an overbite, then braces for adults can help straighten your smile to look its very best and most natural-looking. In fact, many adults choose orthodontic treatment because their smiles haven’t developed properly. Maybe they had a crossbite as a child that no one ever corrected, or maybe their realignment occurred in adulthood after wearing a denture for years. Either way, there is no reason to live with a smile that doesn’t look good.

2. MYTH: Braces Make Your Teeth Look Fake or Unnatural

REALITY: The goal of orthodontic treatment is to give patients the straightest, most natural-looking smile possible. That’s why today’s braces are made from a variety of materials that blend in with the rest of your smile and can be colored to match as well. You might even forget you’re wearing them. In fact, many people who get braces don’t tell anyone about it because their teeth simply look so good.

3. MYTH: Straightening My Teeth Will Change the Way I Talk or Chew Food

REALITY: Affordable braces won’t affect your speech or chewing abilities at all. In fact, you may not even notice any changes. When your teeth are properly aligned, the muscles in your jaw will relax, and you’ll look and sound just like you used to before the orthodontic treatment.

4. MYTH: Braces Are Painful or Uncomfortable

REALITY: Is wearing affordable braces for a while inconvenient? Sure. But it’s worth it if it means having the smile that makes you feel most confident about yourself every day of your life. Fortunately, new technology has made orthodontic treatment much more comfortable than ever before.

5. MYTH: It Costs Too Much to Get Orthodontic Treatment

REALITY: There are many different types of orthodontic treatment available for adults. They can range in price from just a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on what you need. However, the cost of braces is typically worth it, given that your braces can be customized to your particular needs. That way, you’re much more likely to see the results you desire at the end (and less likely to need additional orthodontic care down the road). There’s also no reason not to get braces because financing options are usually available through orthodontists or dental offices like ours. Ask us about our affordable payment plans.

6. MYTH: Orthodontic Treatment Takes Too Long to Work or Fix My Smile Right Now

REALITY: If you experience any discomfort from orthodontic treatment, don’t worry — all you need to do is give your teeth time to adjust. Typically, orthodontic treatment will take at least a year or two to complete, but most patients find that the sooner they get started, the more quickly their results show up in the mirror and with every bite of food.

7. MYTH: I’m Too Old for Braces

REALITY: There’s no cut-off age for orthodontic treatment unless your dentist or orthodontist recommends it as a preventive measure, which is why so many adults are experiencing amazing new smiles through braces now instead of going through life feeling self-conscious about their crooked teeth.

There’s no shame in getting orthodontic treatment as an adult. It’s common these days because many adults want a smile that looks great and makes them feel their best throughout life. If it’s something you’ve thought about before, why not get started now?

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