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4 Interesting Facts That Prove Metal Braces Have Clear Advantages

4 Interesting Facts That Prove Metal Braces Have Clear Advantages
27 May Comments

What comes to mind when you think about metal braces? Is it a mouth full of metal? Teens who don’t smile? Are metal braces even an orthodontic treatment option anymore?

Actually, metal braces are still going strong and are nowhere close to becoming obsolete. You might be surprised to learn that they offer advantages over other orthodontic treatments. But before any interesting facts are shared, it is important to understand that today’s metal braces are not the bulky, uncomfortable braces from long ago.

Traditional Braces Have Dramatically Improved

Modern brackets are now much smaller, and in some cases, don’t even require elastic ties or additional wire to be held in place. To find out how metal braces can improve your oral health today, you need to visit an orthodontist. The ideal time to start orthodontic treatment is by the age of 7. But keep in mind, braces are not just for children. Tweens, teens, and adults can all still benefit from orthodontic treatment.

Know the Facts About Affordable Braces

Metal is the most common material used for orthodontic appliances today. Yet, there are still a few myths that need to be busted about traditional braces. Some common myths about metal braces include:

  • You can’t play musical instruments
  • You can’t safely play sports
  • Braces set off metal detectors
  • Braces are magnetic
  • Braces interfere with radio signals
  • You can lock braces while kissing someone else with braces

Just to be clear, none of those myths are true about metal braces. Here are some interesting facts about metal braces that might surprise you.

Fact #1 – Treatment Time Can Be Shorter with Metal Braces

No matter what type of orthodontic device is used, treatment times will vary. Your orthodontist will be able to tell you how long you need to wear braces, depending on the severity of your condition. Traditional metal braces tend to work better and faster since they move teeth with increased force and greater control.

Fact #2 – Braces Are for More Than Straightening Teeth

Although straight teeth are a delightful aspect of braces, another benefit of getting braces is fixing your bite. While the cosmetic benefits are an advantage, braces also alleviate other health problems. Those problems include problems speaking, difficulty chewing and swallowing, and breathing issues. Orthodontic treatment can be practical as well as pretty.

Fact #3 – Traditional Metal Braces Cost Less

Metal braces for kids, teens, and adults tend to cost less than other types of orthodontics. The materials are not as costly to manufacture and maintain. Ultimately, an orthodontist will be able to recommend the best options for treatment based on your needs. Don’t be surprised if your options include metal braces. They are a minor inconvenience that leads to a healthy and beautiful smile you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Fact #4 – You’re Not Alone

Braces, especially metal braces, can make you feel very self-conscious. But keep in mind that you’re not alone. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, at least 4 million other people in the U.S. are currently getting or wearing braces too!

Contact a Local Orthodontist

Get ready for the smile you’ve always wanted. Metal braces are a wise choice that you should discuss with your orthodontist. The facts speak for themselves. Don’t let the myths stop you from getting the best care for your teeth at affordable prices.

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