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4 Major Points in Favor of Adults Getting Braces

4 Major Points in Favor of Adults Getting Braces
5 June Comments

There are 4 million people in the U.S. wearing braces with 75% of them being younger than 18. It is true, more younger people are wearing braces. Many adults may figure that they have lived this long without braces, why get braces now? That’s a very good question. The answer proves that braces are not just for kids.

Adult Orthodontic Care Is Increasing

Would it surprise you to know that one out of every four orthodontic patients is an adult over the age of 18? Orthodontic treatment is cheaper, easier to get, and more effective than ever. It is also more attractive to adults. There are major points that prove braces for adults are a healthy and attractive option.

Point #1: Serious Health Costs Come With Crooked Teeth

While it may seem like it hasn’t hurt your health to have crooked teeth, they do come with serious long-term costs. Misaligned teeth create an unhealthy bite that may not have problems at first. Over time, crooked teeth can cause clenching, night-time grinding, and excessive tear and wear.

What was once a smaller bite problem may become irreversible tooth and bite damage. When left uncared for, crooked teeth may also require time-consuming dental procedures. Correcting such problems with braces for adults can save you years of painful and costly procedures later.

Costly Procedures Could Include the Following:

  • Dental Implants and Bone Grafts
  • Root Canals
  • Gum Surgery
  • Cosmetic Procedures

Point #2: Shifting Teeth Happen at Any Age

Just because you have your adult teeth does not mean they don’t shift naturally. You can experience tooth movement as an adult with a strict oral care routine. Even if you had braces as a child, that’s no promise that you won’t need them later. How is this possible?

Maybe you did not wear your retainer for the period of time prescribed. This could cause your teeth to move out of place. The structure of your mouth may also have changed naturally. Braces for adults help you achieve straight teeth and a gorgeous smile again.

Point #3: You Need Tooth and Jaw Pain Relief

Are you dealing with health problems that include tooth and jaw pain? It could be due to a misaligned jaw or overbite. Both problems may not have been an issue at a young age, but they are causing serious pain now.

The lack of orthodontic treatment can cause tooth and jaw pain. You may also experience problems speaking or headaches too. Thankfully, the problem can be cured with orthodontic care such as braces for adults. Just keep in mind, you may need care from the best orthodontist over time to experience the full effect.

Point #4: Adults Are Living Longer

Thanks in part to modern technology and healthy lifestyles, adults are living longer. That means taking care of your teeth with the intent of keeping them for life. It only makes sense that you want them to look beautiful as well as function in a healthy manner.

That’s why adults in their 60s, 70s, and 80s are turning to orthodontists to get braces for adults. It shows you are taking care of your overall health and that you love your pearly whites. Braces can help you keep your teeth perfect well into your 100s.

Your Smile Is Priceless

There are many reasons why adults should get braces no matter their age. The best orthodontists are focused on making sure you get quality care at affordable prices. That means there are no hidden fees. You won’t suffer through any gimmicks, and there is no joking around.

Instead you can enjoy a flat fee with affordable pricing. Now that’s something to truly smile about. Contact a local orthodontist and schedule an appointment to find out how adult braces can help you.

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