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Affordable Braces in Orlando

Affordable Braces in Orlando
10 July Comments

We Accept Most Insurance at Smiley Face

We have insurance experts at Smiley Face Braces in Orlando to help you figure out your insurance benefits for braces and get the most out of them. At $2998 for braces Smiley Face makes getting a great smile adorable but our pricing combined with your insurance benefits make getting braces easier than ever before in Orlando. If you’d like to know what your benefits are simply bring your insurance card to Smiley Face braces at your initial visit or you can call/text us any time at 407-723-0060. Once Smiley Face Braces has your insurance information we can figure out your benefits and how much that will reduce the already low $2,998 fee for braces.

Here’s what a typical Smiley Face Braces financing plan looks like with insurance compared to without insurance (the average benefit is about $1000)

Smiley Face fee for braces $2998.00

Down payment no ins = $292

Monthly payment no ins = $123/month 22 months

Insurance benefit $1000

Down payment w/ins = $200

Monthly payment w/ins = $100/mo for 17 months and one month at $98

As you can see, braces are already adorable at Smiley Face Braces, but having insurance makes it even easier! Come see us at Smiley Face Braces in Orlando, or call/text us at 407-723-0060.

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