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What Happens at Smiley Face Braces?

What Happens at Smiley Face Braces?
23 July Comments

Once you call or text the Smiley Face Braces Team at 407-723-0060 to make your first appointment you’ll probably be wondering what will happen when you show up at the office. We can help work that! Here is an explanation of exactly what will happen at your first visit. Smiley Face Braces is located at the corner of West Colonial and Good Homes Rd next to Big Lots and across the street from Lowe’s. Good Homes Road is exit 2 on the 408 tollway and we re just a few hundred yards from the exit ramp so it’s easy to get to Smiley Face!

  • When you arrive at the Smiley Face office in Orlando, you’ll be greeted by our friendly, bilingual receptionists who can help with any questions you have. We will need some information from you so you can have a seat in the reception while you do a little paperwork or you can come on back to the clinic where the magic happens and have a seat on one of our comfy couches. Relax! This is meant to be fun.
  • While you’re in the back be sure to check out the interactive games or take a minute to record a song in one of our sound studios. When your song is finished you can email or text or share a copy of the video!
  • Next, Dr. Burris will probably have a member of the Smiley Face Braces team get an X-ray of your teeth and jaws (called a panoramic X-ray). This is done with our state of the art, digital, Carestream 8100 machines because we are all about safety!
  • The next step is for Dr. Burris to look at you in person. You’ll sit in one of our comfy clinic chairs so that he can look at you, your teeth and your X-ray all at once. He will tell you what he sees, what he thinks and what he suggests you do. If you have any apparent cavities or gum disease Dr. Burris will want you to see a dentist to take care of that before we do any tooth movement. He will probably ask when the last time you saw your dentist was as well as remind you to see your dentist for regular cleanings and checkups as visits to Smiley Face are not a substitute for that.
  • If you have any questions about your teeth or the suggested treatment then Dr. Burris will answer them while you are at the office. If you have any questions about your insurance, the cost of treatment, how the appointments work or any of that, one of the Smiley Face team members will help you!
  • Once everything is settled and if you are in good oral health then we can proceed with treatment. Dr Burris doesn’t want to waste your time so we will start whenever you are ready. If that’s next week then we will make an appointment. If it’s today then you’ll get your braces today.
  • Getting braces put on isn’t like it used to be. It takes less than 30 minutes, doesn’t hurt a bit and can be fun to do or watch! Make sure to get some funny photos of yourself while the smile construction is happening.
  • Once your braces are on a member of the Smiley Face team will give you advice about living and eating with braces on. It’s not a big deal once you get used to it!

So that’s the whole story with Smiley Face Braces in Orlando. After your first visit you’ll be well on your way to a great new smile! Make an appointment to come see us today.

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