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Factors to Consider Before Getting an Orthodontist in Orlando, FL

Factors to Consider Before Getting an Orthodontist in Orlando, FL
24 July Comments

Misaligned teeth can suck away your confidence, eroding the joy of smiling in public. Braces treatments can help straighten your teeth, aligning them to the correct position. The American Association of Orthodontists estimates there are over four million Americans currently on orthodontic treatment- a quarter of the number being adults. Finding the best practice for your family can be overwhelming, especially at a time when people are adjusting to the new norm. Here are seven factors to look at when choosing the best orthodontist.

1. Qualifications and Experience

Not all dental clinics are orthodontic practices. Orthodontists undergo additional training over and above the regular program from dental school. Actually, only about 5% of dentists are trained in orthodontics.

As proof of their expertise, choose a practitioner that is a member of the American Association of orthodontists. Also, inquire about their experience and the years that they have been in practice. Experienced orthodontists are better suited to offer unique and practical solutions for crooked teeth.

2. Office Location

Braces treatments are more often than not demanding, requiring frequent visits to the orthodontists to analyze the progress you are making after treatment. Choose an orthodontic practice that is easily accessible from your home, school, or workplace. Choosing a local orthodontist makes it easier to access the doctor’s help when dealing with an emergency.

3. Office Ambiance

Pay close attention to the environment of the clinic. Does the facility look clean? What are their sanitary protocols? Is there overcrowding at the office? The atmosphere created at the facility may be a clear indicator of the quality of service that they offer. Take note of the staff present at the clinic. Choose an orthodontic clinic with friendly and compassionate staff to guide you through the treatment process.

4. Family-Friendly Orthodontist

A family orthodontist easily relates to patients of all ages, explaining clearly the various options available. For parents or guardians with young kids, it would be best to find an orthodontist who is caring and accommodating enough to work with children. It may improve the treatment experience and also reduce the stress and fear related to getting braces.

5. Treatment Options Available

Technology in the orthodontic world has made huge leaps over the last two decades, providing patients with a variety of treatment options to choose from. The best orthodontist conducts a thorough examination of your mouth, establishing the nature of your malocclusions. They then create a custom treatment plan for you before trying to straighten your teeth.

6. Costs of Braces

Prices for orthodontic treatments are a huge defining factor for many, with most options going for thousands of dollars. It is essential to find an orthodontist that offers solutions that fit within your budget range. The office should be upfront about their pricing models, preferably with flexible payment plans to make the treatment more affordable.

7. Reputation

Most reputable orthodontists in Orlando, FL, have a string of satisfied patients, with before and after pictures to show for it. Alternatively, you can get recommendations from your friends, family, or regular dentist. You may also check past client’s reviews and testimonials about the quality of service at the orthodontic practice.

Finding the best orthodontist for your braces treatment is key in straightening your teeth. The seven tips above can help you locate the right orthodontic clinic for your family.

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