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Why Are Braces Usually Installed During Teen Years?

Why Are Braces Usually Installed During Teen Years?
29 July Comments

Braces are a rite of passage for many teens. Braces for teens are just a normal part of life for many teenagers. The best orthodontist offers affordable braces to help your teen get the smile they feel proud of.

A lot of people have to wear braces as teenagers, many more do not get the braces that they need as teens and have to deal with the fallout as adults. The teen years are usually the best years to correct bites, straighten teeth, and improve positioning.

Why the Teen Years?

Braces for adults are always possible if you did not get the braces that you needed when you were a teen. It is preferable to address any bite issues as soon as possible. Braces for teens are often the recommended treatment to help correct misalignments.

A lot of people wonder why those teen years are the best times to get braces. Typically a bite that needs correction will be determined by your dentist between the ages of 6 years and 12 years, however, during this period the secondary teeth are still emerging.

The best orthodontist in Orlando FL has recommended that braces are not installed until all the adult teeth are in place sans the third molars or wisdom teeth. Typically by the age of 13 or 14, all the primary teeth have been replaced by secondary teeth.

Using braces for kids that are too young can result in imperfect results. The teen years are the best years to get the best results. Of course, by the teen years, most children, are better at oral hygiene which is so very important when wearing braces.

The Cost

Many parents worry about how much braces cost but the fact is not getting braces now as a teenager can come with a very high price in the future. A misaligned bite can affect your health. It can cause headaches, neck pain, and more.

Additionally, not dealing with the problem now, can cause oral health issues down the road that can be very expensive to correct. Overcrowded teeth are harder to care for which can lead to an increase in cavities and permanently damaging natural teeth.

There is also a huge element of loss of confidence that a teenager and young adult can experience when they do not feel good about their smile. Braces for teens are a worthy investment in your child’s oral health and how they feel about themselves. Learn more about affordable braces for teens today.

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