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How Do Braces Work and How Long Do I Have to Wear Them?

How Do Braces Work and How Long Do I Have to Wear Them?
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Not everyone has teeth that are naturally straight. However, the orthodontics branch of dentistry can help those with imperfect teeth achieve the goal of a pleasant and healthy smile. It can be done with braces.

The History of Braces

The use of orthodontic devices to straighten teeth can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Braces are themselves a more recent invention but still date back nearly 300 years, according to The latest orthodontic procedures and devices are today used to treat teeth that are crooked or improperly spaced, or in the treatment of malocclusions that involve the misalignment of the upper and lower jaws. Long associated with the adolescent years, braces have become increasingly popular among adults.

How Braces Work

Modern orthodontic devices are made of metal and feature wires that surround the teeth and utilize a bonding material to hold them in place. Classic braces employ brackets that are attached to the teeth and elastic bands. Lingual devices are fitted behind the teeth, making the braces less conspicuous. Springs may also be used in conjunction with the main wire. Some braces use spacers to achieve proper adjustment of the jaw. The actual installation of conventional braces can usually be accomplished by an orthodontist in only one or two hours. The actual straightening process is made possible through the gentle pressure that the devices exert on the teeth over a period of time.

The Wearing of Braces

Those wearing braces may feel some discomfort, but any pain experienced can usually be treated with “over-the-counter” medications. Brushing and flossing will have to be continued in order to keep the teeth and gums clean, and patients should consult with their orthodontists to assure that the process is done effectively. It may also be necessary for the wearer to avoid certain types of foods, including hard candies. The time required to accomplish the needed changes in the teeth will vary upon the situation, but most patients can expect to wear their braces between one and three years. The braces will also require regular adjustments, necessitating a visit with the orthodontist about every two months.

Considering Dental Braces

Different patients have different dental problems, which is why braces must be custom fit. The effectiveness of these devices is related to the needs and actions of the patients using them. Used properly, braces can create teeth that are straight and attractive. To learn more about the process, and which type of braces are right for you, contact Smiley Face Braces!

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