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Top Tips to Help Your Child Care For Their Braces

Top Tips to Help Your Child Care For Their Braces
3 January Comments

As your child’s secondary teeth come in, they may be misaligned. If your child has crooked teeth, they may need braces for kids to correct the issue.

It’s important to teach your child ways to help them care for their braces so they last as long as possible. Around 75% of the four million people in the United States who need braces are under the age of 18. So your child won’t be alone and should not feel bad about needing this orthodontic treatment.

When it comes to properly taking care of braces, there are ways parents can help. Here are some tips to help your child care for their braces.

How to Care for Braces for Kids

1. Make sure they brush and floss after every meal. This is especially important for braces because food can get stuck easily among the wires and brackets.

2. Talk to the orthodontist about what type of toothpaste your kid should use with braces. Some special types of toothpaste are not safe for braces while others can be more effective.

3. Braces can be painful if they are caught on something, so make sure your child knows what to do if they catch anything. Braces can also irritate the inner lip, so be sure to inform the orthodontist if this is the case.

What Not to Do With Braces for Kids

1. Make sure your child doesn’t eat crunchy or sticky foods that can get stuck in braces. This includes things like gummy bears, toffee, and caramel. So you may want to leave these items off the grocery list.

2. Kids should not play certain sports without a mouth guard, especially if they have braces. Braces could be knocked off and cause a lot of pain. If the braces get damaged, they may need to be repaired which could be costly.

3. If you notice your kid’s braces are damaged, they should not continue wearing them because doing so could cause more problems. However, don’t ever attempt to remove braces yourself. You will need to see the orthodontist for repairs immediately.

4. Don’t forget to keep up with regular orthodontist appointments. This is so the braces can be properly monitored and adjusted as needed.

With these tips, you’ll be able to help your child take good care of their braces and encourage a healthy and effective procedure that will last for years to come.

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