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3 Reasons to Get Your Child Braces Sooner Than Later

3 Reasons to Get Your Child Braces Sooner Than Later
30 December Comments

There are many reasons why you should listen to your dentist or orthodontist when they recommend braces for your child, but the question is, how quickly should you move forward with having braces applied? While some orthodontic issues are more pressing matters, you may be more willing to put others on the proverbial back burner. The reality is that orthodontic care is extremely important, but it may not seem as outwardly so to people who don’t have a lot of experience with it. With that being said, we’re diving into some of the reasons why you should have braces applied sooner rather than later.

1. Health Reasons

One of the key reasons why you need to have braces applied sooner rather than later is that braces are actually quite important to your child’s overall health. Orthodontic issues may start small, but they tend to grow worse gradually over time. Your child may gradually experience jaw pain, as well as tooth crowding issues, and even in some cases breathing problems due to their orthodontic issues. Ideally, if your child’s orthodontic issues are noticed when they are as young as seven years old, you should have the braces applied as quickly as possible. The sooner the orthodontic problems are corrected, the less likely they will be to get out of hand.

2. Long Term Consequences

If your child doesn’t get braces at a young age, they will likely need them later as adults. Yes, getting braces is difficult and sometimes embarrassing for children, but it is often much more difficult as an adult. We’re used to children and teens having braces. According to, over 3.5 million American teens and children get braces every year. Braces are less common in adults, and you’ll save your child some anxiety if you get braces out of the way sooner rather than later.

3. Cost

The longer you wait on correcting orthodontic issues, the worse the problems become, as we mentioned before. Therefore, the more difficult it becomes to correct those problems. You’ll spend more money correcting those issues. Or, conversely, your child will grow up and need to pay to correct those issues as adults.

These are a few reasons why you should invest in orthodontic care now versus delaying the inevitable. But most importantly, you should listen always take the advice from your trusted local orthodontist! Reach out to Smiley Face Braces to learn more about the benefits of receiving braces as a child.

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