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Why You Should Never Skip Your Orthodontist Appointments

Why You Should Never Skip Your Orthodontist Appointments
3 December Comments

Leading a busy life can make it hard to keep orthodontic appointments. Your orthodontist really hopes that you don’t skip any scheduled treatments. Understandably, there may be times you need to postpone a visit. However, you should always reschedule as soon as possible. There are many good reasons why you should never skip your orthodontist appointments.

Skipped Visits Prolong Treatment

One of the most obvious reasons you want to keep orthodontic appointments is to avoid prolonged treatment. This is especially true for children when they begin treatment around the age of seven, which is the best time. Children don’t want to wear braces any longer than they have to and neither do adults. Attending scheduled appointments is critical to finishing treatments on time.

The longer braces are worn, the harder it becomes to keep your teeth and gums in great shape. Your teeth could also reach an optimal movement plateau. Patients need to get in and out of braces as soon as possible. That’s the ultimate goal.

Skipped Visits Put Off Necessary Adjustments

No matter the type of braces used, they require periodic adjustments. This is so that your teeth gradually move into the correct alignment. Typically, braces are adjusted every six to eight weeks. It’s important to keep scheduled visits so these adjustments are made when necessary.

Skipped Visits Mean Teeth Aren’t Being Monitored

Periodic appointments to see an orthodontist are to monitor your teeth and gums so they remain healthy. It can be hard to keep your teeth clean with braces, so orthodontists want to check your mouth to see if your teeth are being brushed and flossed well. If not, they will take the time to show you how to keep your oral health in excellent condition while wearing braces.

Skipped Visits Are Disappointing for Your Orthodontists

It takes frequent visits to an orthodontist to get the straight teeth you’ve always wanted. They want to see their work in action and that means visiting their office every six to eight weeks. Regularly scheduled treatments are very important. And besides, your orthodontist likes to see you too.

If you are not able to keep a scheduled appointment, contact your orthodontist’s office as soon as possible. Life is busy and your orthodontist will understand. They will be more than happy to reschedule your treatment for a more convenient day and time.

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