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Is there an Age Limit to Get Braces?

Is there an Age Limit to Get Braces?
2 December Comments

There is no age limit when it comes to having your teeth straightened. In fact, one in three orthodontic patients tends to be an adult. Are you an adult interested in getting braces? The first step is speaking with an orthodontist to discuss treatment. Below are a few more things adults should know about getting braces.

Treatment May Be Needed Before Getting Braces for Adults

Adults ready to straighten their teeth may have other issues that require treatment before getting braces. If you are at risk for or already have gum disease, you will need to see a periodontist first. Your teeth and gums need to be as healthy as possible. Any treatment for the gums must be done prior to you having braces applied.

Misalignments in Adults Can Be Complicated

At some point, an adult’s teeth stop growing. This makes it more difficult to correct some misalignments. Certain structural changes can’t be fixed with just braces. Part of well-rounded orthodontic treatment may be oral surgery so that you get the same straightening results achieved by adolescents. It is also important to note, cases of misaligned teeth vary by patient and may not have anything to do with age.

Healthy Jaws and Teeth Are Vital

A top requirement for braces for adults is that your teeth and jaws are strong and healthy. As long as your oral health is ideal, being fitted for braces is not difficult for adults. Orthodontists encourage having the best oral health possible to avoid consequences such as gum disease, tooth decay, and jaw issues that could interfere with having your teeth straightened.

The Success Rate for Straightening Adult Teeth Is High

There may be additional things to consider when it comes to braces for adults, but studies have found that the success rate for adults is just as high as their younger counterparts. The main reason why is because adults tend to be more compliant. They are generally better able to heed the instructions and advice given by their orthodontists.

People that practice good oral hygiene are great candidates for braces well into adulthood. Many orthodontic advancements have been made, making getting braces much easier and less time-consuming. Contact an orthodontist in your area to schedule an initial exam to get braces for adults; it’s never too late.

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