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Metal Braces: Align Yourself with the Best Type of Braces

Metal Braces: Align Yourself with the Best Type of Braces
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Over 4 million residents of the United States wear braces per the American Association of Orthodontists. All of those people are wearing different types of braces too. That brings up the question, which type of braces are the best to straighten your teeth? When it comes to affordability and the best alignment possible, traditional metal braces are a strong contender. Metal braces have earned their place as a top option in the ever-evolving field of orthodontics.

The Anatomy of Metal Braces

To understand why metal braces are a top choice to straighten teeth, you need to understand what they are and how they work. For decades, metal braces have been a traditional orthodontic option. They are on the teeth for a long time, which means they must be made of high-quality materials. Traditional braces are made using materials such as titanium alloys or stainless steel. Both metals provide the strength and corrosion resistance needed to align teeth correctly.

Braces have specialized slots that hold and allow the orthodontic wire to pass through. The thickness and type of wire determine the amount of force exerted on teeth. The force is what moves teeth into proper alignment.

The process of aligning teeth using metal braces is gradual. Regularly scheduled appointments need to be made with the best orthodontist to reset the braces, so teeth continue to slowly move without causing severe damage to the gums and mouth. There are many benefits to metal braces, including:

  • They better treat extreme overcrowding
  • They are more affordable
  • They provide more correctional control
  • They won’t be misplaced

The Best Orthodontist Can Tell You If Metal Braces Are Right for You

To get perfectly straight teeth using braces for kids, teens, or adults, an exam needs to be scheduled with the best orthodontist in your area. Metal braces are actually the most suitable option for people of any age.

Traditional braces are a top option for children since their teeth are not done growing or moving. Metal braces are easily adjusted for their growth while still keeping their teeth alignment on track. Traditional braces are more suitable for adults and teens since they can be adjusted fast and efficiently. The cost of braces is also more affordable than other options.

What’s Included with Treatment for Braces?

While orthodontists tend to charge different fees, the best orthodontist goes out of their way to offer full treatment at affordable costs. This can look like a package with a free initial visit, x-ray, and consultation. The best orthodontist will let you keep a copy of the x-ray for free whether you use their services or not.

They will only charge you a single flat fee even if other treatment is needed and includes the use of an RPE or other type of orthodontic device. The goal is to give you an amazing smile. Financing plans are also an option, with certain insurance plans being accepted.

The treatment itself includes attaching the braces to your teeth. Once they are attached, regularly scheduled appointments need to be made. If you find you need a repair during treatment, you won’t be charged extra.

Even taking the braces off your teeth is included. After removal, you will receive a set of custom, clear retainers that have been vacuum formed along with retainer checks. All of those services are included in a single treatment plan that’s affordable and smile-worthy.

The Best Orthodontist Doesn’t Leave Smiles Upside Down

The most reliable and durable option for braces is metal braces. Orthodontic care doesn’t have to be expensive or inconvenient either. Metal braces that cost less and effectively straighten teeth in 12 months or less are something to be happy about. Book a free consultation today.

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