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Smile Brighter with Gold Braces

Smile Brighter with Gold Braces
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In the U.S., of the nearly 4 million people wearing braces, 75% of them are 18-years-of-age and younger. That’s a lot of metal-gracing smiles across America. Why metal? Because traditional braces are still a top contender when it comes to straightening teeth effectively.

The goal is to fall in love with your smile. There isn’t any reason you shouldn’t love the process of wearing dental appliances, however. Today you have options. No, not the invisible clear kind that is not the best option for many. Now you can choose silver braces or gold braces.

Gold Brackets and Wires Are Really an Option

So, you’ve been leery of having your teeth straightened because you don’t like the look of a mouth full of silver metal. You’re not alone. Some people want dental appliances that highlight their smiles and make them a dazzling, unique part of their look. Gold braces are quite attractive and a great fit.

Isn’t Gold Too Weak?

Through the golden age of orthodontics, gold has become a stronger choice, literally. Yes, gold is a softer metal and may not be strong enough if used alone. Now, gold braces are actually stainless steel with a gold coating. They are just like standard braces, but with a gold overlay applied to the brackets and wires. You still get all of the benefits of durable metal dental appliances along with a solid gold grin.

Look Attractive During and After Orthodontic Care

Wearing braces doesn’t have to be something you dread. Embrace the fact that you are having your teeth aligned so you have a gorgeous smile by wearing gold dental appliances. They are the ultimate fashion statement that helps you stand out from others wearing traditional stainless-steel braces. Consider them to be jewelry for your teeth.

Are Treatments Different for Gold Braces?

Orthodontic treatment for gold dental appliances is the same for traditional braces. The treatment time may vary due to your specific needs. On average, you can expect to wear them for 12 months. You will still need to wear a retainer after removing your braces, as well. Since gold is applied to the stainless-steel components, the cost for this type of care could differ. Make sure to discuss the dental braces cost associated with gold dental appliances with your orthodontist.

Gold appliances will not change how you take care of your braces either. Practicing correct oral hygiene is still vital so you enjoy the best possible outcome. When you maintain healthy habits, you have a better chance of preventing damage to your dazzling dental appliances and tooth decay. Adding a little style and glamour to teeth straightening only encourages you to smile more.

Follow These Tips to Care for Gold Braces

  • Avoid Whitening Products
  • Gently Brush Teeth 2 Minutes Twice a Day
  • Use Non-Abrasive, Fluoride Toothpaste
  • Consider Using a Floss Threader
  • Floss Once Daily
  • Don’t Chew on Non-Food Items
  • Limit or Skip Chewy, Hard, or Sticky Foods
  • Visit Your Orthodontist Regularly

Choose a Bolder Look

There’s no reason to be embarrassed about wearing braces. Seeking treatment means you care about your oral health. Wear the spectacular, bold look with pride. Just make sure you keep up with proper oral care as part of your daily routine. Regular visits to your orthodontist ensure your dental appliances stay in peak condition too.

Gold Smiles Have More Fun

Great smiles, whether gold or silver, have more fun. Gold just kicks the experience up a notch. Having fun is an integral part of getting braces and making the experience the best. Choose an orthodontist that offers an office full of great music, professional recording studios, interactive games, and even futuristic photo booths.

The idea is to smile about getting gold braces, taking care of them, and finally getting the straight teeth you’ve always wanted. Top orthodontists give smiles that are unforgettable. Bring the whole family with you whether you’re scheduling an initial consultation or your next visit.

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