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Myths and Facts About Braces

Myths and Facts About Braces
19 March Comments

Braces are often necessary to correct a bite, misplaced teeth, and solve overcrowding issues. There are a lot of myths about braces that can prevent patients from getting the treatments that they need.

One of the biggest myths out there is that braces cost a fortune. The fact is getting a healthy smile that you can feel proud of is more affordable than you think. Let us look at some of the other misconceptions about braces.

Braces are For Kids

While most patients get braces between the age of eight and fourteen, that does not mean that adults are excluded from the benefits that orthodontic treatment delivers. There is no age cap on when you can get braces. As a matter of fact, adult braces are on the rise. About 25% of orthodontic patients are adults!

I Will Have to Wear Braces Forever

Most patients spend from 18 months to 24 months wearing braces. When you consider the benefits of having a healthy straight smile for the rest of your life, the time you must wear braces seems minimal. Every situation is different. The best orthodontist in Orlando FL can give you a specific time frame for your corrections.

I Will Be at A Higher Risk of Being Struck by Lightning

No, you are not at a higher risk of being struck by lightning if you wear braces. You also will not pick up radio stations, nor will you set off metal detectors. You also will not be attracting metal to your face because braces are not magnetic.

My General Dentist Can Straighten My Teeth

This idea gets another firm “no.” All orthodontists are dentists but not all dentists are orthodontists. Orthodontics is a specialty field that is focused on the position of the teeth and the jaw. It takes years of additional training to become an orthodontist. Your general dentist does not have the skill set to straighten your teeth.

Another myth about orthodontia is that it is far more expensive to see an orthodontist than it is to see a general dentist. Orthodontic treatment can be affordable you just need to see the right orthodontist.

The best place to learn more about orthodontic treatment is the orthodontist. Straight teeth are more than just aesthetics. Learn the facts about braces Orlando today by scheduling your appointment.

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