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Tips for Helping With the Cost of Braces

Tips for Helping With the Cost of Braces
27 June Comments

Braces can impact your life and renew the confidence in your smile. They can provide a better bite and make your teeth easy to clean. Unfortunately, they can be pretty expensive and dent your pocket. But you should not let the cost of braces prevent you from having a beautiful smile.

According to CostHelper, people without dental insurance pay between $3,000 and $7,350 for metal braces. This price depends on several factors, including age, the reason for treatment, location, and insurance coverage. Furthermore, 50-75% of people can benefit from orthodontic treatment. But how do you deal with the high cost of braces? Here are a few tips for exploring to get cheaper braces.

Choose a Low-Cost Option

The first step when looking for affordable braces is to ask your orthodontist about all the available options and their costs. Identifying all possible alternatives helps you analyze and determine the best for you.

Braces made with cheaper materials and requiring fewer visits to the orthodontist will help you cut the price. You should also avoid lingual braces because they cost as much as $12,000.

Consider a Dental School Clinic

A dental school clinic could be cheaper than an orthodontic practice. Students must conduct supervised treatments with faculty members as part of their orthodontic training.

Such programs have reduced fees, and some request you to cover only the cost of equipment and materials. You can check the Commission on Dental Accreditation list for dental schools and find one nearby.

Request for a Payment Plan

Most orthodontic clinics provide payment plans that help patients manage the cost of braces. They partner with financing companies to offer flexible payment options for patients without insurance.

These payment options are less costly than conventional credit financing. You can choose a plan with little to no interest and a longer payment period. These plans help when investing in affordable braces.

Explore Dental Assistance Programs

Most states and not-for-profit organizations have dental assistance programs that help low-income families receive the dental treatment they need. Free clinics run by dental and medical volunteers or grants to cover costs are other options you can explore.

Though orthodontic treatment can be expensive, there are many options to help you deal with the cost of braces. Begin your journey to better oral health by exploring one of these options. If you need affordable orthodontic care, contact Smiley Face Braces today.

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