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What Are the Benefits of Straight Teeth?

What Are the Benefits of Straight Teeth?
1 August Comments

Routine dentist visits are quite important. They allow your dentist to spot any problem before it turns into a complicated issue. However, apart from visiting your dentist, you must also visit an orthodontist, unless your dentist is both. According to Colgate, all orthodontists are trained dentists, and just 5% of dentists are also orthodontists. An orthodontist will help ensure that your teeth are straight and properly aligned. Here is why having straight teeth is important.

Better Gum Health

When your teeth are crowded, crooked, or too far apart, bacteria can easily accumulate between them. This is because it’s quite difficult to brush and floss between crowded and crooked teeth. It can lead to infection of the gums, which can progress to periodontal disease. Fortunately, if you notice gum inflammation early, it can be treated, and it won’t progress to periodontal disease. This is why you need to ensure that all teeth alignment and crowding issues are fixed as soon as possible.

Reduce Wear

When you are biting into something, the pressure from your jaw muscles is evenly distributed across your teeth. This helps to keep them from wearing unevenly. Unfortunately, when your teeth are not straight or when they are not in their correct places, certain teeth will receive more pressure when you are chewing. This causes excessive wear of enamel on particular teeth while others remain unaffected. Getting your teeth straightened will ward off this uneven wear. This will also prevent conditions like gum recession or cracked teeth.

Better Comfort

Did you know that having misaligned teeth and jaws can exert undue stress on the temporomandibular joints? This can also affect your chewing muscles. Over time, repeated pressure can lead to neck aches, headaches, and even pain in the ears. Straight teeth can balance bite force, and this takes the stress off your temporomandibular joints. Your chewing muscles and joints will be healthier, and you won’t get any discomfort.

These are some of the benefits of having straight teeth. It’s important to consult an orthodontist as soon as possible if you are having problems with your teeth. There are several methods that can be used to straighten your teeth and make your smile more beautiful. Contact our team today if you are looking for an orthodontist.

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