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Why Teenagers Should Start Orthodontic Treatment in the Summer

Why Teenagers Should Start Orthodontic Treatment in the Summer
3 August Comments

The best method to help your child regain their smile and self-confidence is to get their teeth straightened. Braces are extremely common for most children. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, over 3.5 million children and teenagers in America wear braces. There are several types of orthodontic treatments depending on the severity of the problem and the stage of development. If you have been wondering why teenagers should start orthodontic treatments, read on to discover why they should go ahead with this dental procedure, especially in the summer.

Flexible Period

Summer is an excellent time for your teens to get orthodontic treatments because, during the academic year, the calendar for your child may be packed with extracurricular activities such as classes and sports. As such, adding one more responsibility on top of everything else might make it challenging to find free time.

Enough Time to Adjust

When children wear braces for the first time, it may take time to adjust to the feeling of it. In the beginning, braces can be painful, and the brackets and wires might have an odd sensation when they encounter sensitive tissues. In that case, the summer is an ideal time to become used to one’s course of treatment before the demands of the academic year weigh heavily on their shoulders.

Time to Have Fun With Braces

Your child may experience some initial feelings of self-consciousness when they get orthodontic treatments. However, celebrations such as beach parties and Independence Day give them enough time to have fun despite wearing braces. Because there are many color combinations, children have the freedom to express themselves, coordinate, or choose whatever they please.

Adjusting to a Normal Schedule

Besides getting used to how the braces look and feel during orthodontic treatment, your kid will need to get used to a new daily schedule. Because the brackets and wires make brushing and flossing somewhat more complicated, it may take some time for your kid to develop a good tooth cleaning routine. The summer allows for this flexibility.

The summer is the perfect time for your child to undergo necessary orthodontic treatment. It will give them time to adjust accordingly. Contact us today for your kids’ early orthodontic treatment!

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