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4 Factors That Influence the Cost of Braces for Your Child

4 Factors That Influence the Cost of Braces for Your Child
16 March Comments

You might have noticed that your child has certain dental flaws like crooked teeth, overbites, or underbites. It is recommended that you take your child to an orthodontist by the age of 7 years so that he/she can receive orthodontic treatment at an early age. Your orthodontist will determine if to use interceptive treatment first or recommend braces for your child. Through orthodontic care, your child’s teeth will be straightened at an early age by utilizing braces for kids or other dental treatments. As a parent, you might be wondering what will be the cost of braces that your kid will require, and how effective the braces will be in the treatment of your child’s dental flaws.

The cost of braces is influenced by the following factors.

1. The Length of Time Your Child Wears the Braces

How long a child will require to wear the braces will determine the cost in the long run. Most orthodontists recommend that your child wears braces for an average period of at least three years. However, it depends on the severity of your child’s dental problems and the time it takes to straighten up the teeth completely. Other than the upfront cost of installing the braces, which averages between $3,000 and $7,000, the orthodontics charges will also factor in. This depends on the number of clinical visits the orthodontist will consider necessary for your child. The best orthodontist in Orlando will have affordable braces for your child that will give him/her more value than you paid for. However, as a parent, when choosing braces for kids, you should be more concerned about your child’s dental treatment than the cost of braces. In the long term, braces will give your child a bright smile that you cannot put a price on.

2. The Type of Braces Your Child Wears

After carrying out a detailed orthodontic examination, the orthodontist will determine the best-fit braces for your child. The commonly used type of braces is the metal braces that you will find most of the kids wearing. The metal braces are held in place by steel ties, and they are very effective in straightening out crooked teeth. There also exist ceramic braces and Damon braces, which may also affect the cost of braces installment and maintenance. Adding to the cost of braces is the orthodontics charges. Different orthodontists will have different charges for the same type of treatment. The cost variation may depend on the location of the dentist, or the experience and other operational costs involved.

3. Other Orthodontic Devices

Additionally, the orthodontist may recommend other orthodontic devices such as spacers, retainers, positioners, and palatal expander, Forsus, headgear and Herbst appliances. Utilizing some of these devices will support your child’s braces and make the treatment more fast and effective. For years, braces and orthodontics devices have complemented each other, with braces being around for about 300 years while Orthodontic devices have been around since ancient Egypt. Orthodontic devices attract separate charges and add on the cost of braces. However, they make a difference in the treatment of your child’s dental flaws.

4. After-Treatment Maintenance

You should help your child maintain the braces well by following the orthodontist’s instructions regarding maintenance practices for your kid’s braces. Reinstallations and repairs will also add to the long term cost, in cases where the brackets need to be readjusted or realigned. To reduce the frequency of these repairs, ensure that your kid adheres to basic oral hygiene practices such as regularly brushing teeth. Ensure that the kid does not bite hard substances that may weaken the grip of the braces.

The cost of braces is affected by all these conditions, but you must ensure that you do not compromise your kid’s dental treatment in an attempt to save on cost. In the long run, when your kid has the perfect smile that boosts his/her confidence in future, you will not put a price tag on their happiness. Therefore, it is best to seek the best orthodontist in Orlando to install braces for your child.

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